Robot Kits

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Over the years we have worked with a number of robot kits and our students have done well using them. We have used Legos, Vex, Parallax and others all in an effort to teach robotics to our students.

Lego robot kits are best for beginners because most students are familiar with building with Legos. The problem is when a student reaches a certain age they not longer want to work with them. They start to perceive Legos as kits for kids. It is difficult for them to feel comfortable as a teenage working with Legos.

The Vex robot kit appeals to a teenage audience. The problem is the price. It becomes very difficult to do customized work with Vex parts unless you are willing to spend a tremendous amount of money to do so. NASA gave us our very first Vex kit when they were trying to promote robotics to kids. We have seen the price increase nearly four fold since they first introduced their kits.

To address all of these limitations we created the Grid Kit. The Grid Kit allows students to make the parts they need as they need them. The Grid Kit is 100% recyclable. Students do not need to keep their robots forever. They need to learn the concepts and principles along the way. The Grid Kit is also compatible with all of the other kits on the market and those old lego motors you may have laying around.

The Grid Kit is a recyclable robot building kit and can be found online at:

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